WE WILL BE CLOSED - September 20th thru October 2nd

We will be unable to accept orders or deliver clubs during that time.

We will reopen October 3rd at 7:00 AM for business as usual.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Kauai Golf Club Rental Team.

How it Works

This can help with some basic understanding of how our system works and the various options when placing an order. See what our customers are saying on our Reviews Page.

Please do not hesitate calling us with any questions. 808-346-0626

We do deliver anywhere on Kauai. Delivery and Pick-up can be at two different addresses. Once your order is placed you will receive a confirmation email with the detailed schedule for your records.

Delivery and Pick-up to a RESORT, HOTEL or CONDO that has a Lobby or Front Desk

We work with all resorts often and very well, we are able to drop off clubs with either The Front Desk or The Valet Team. You can pick up your clubs from them when checking in or when you’re ready to play. Just ask for your/our clubs, the golf bag tag will have your last name on it. Once done with the rental period you simply hand them back to the same place you received them, then we pick-up as scheduled.

EXAMPLE = 5 Day Golf Club Rental delivered to a Hotel Front Desk

We use an open delivery window and Deliver on Day 0 by 12pm, and then Pick-up on Day 6 by 12pm (you would select Day 0 and Day 6). This allows you to have the clubs for a full five days plus a little extra and is very convenient for all. (Same example for all of our rental packages)

Delivery and Pick-up to a HOTEL or CONDO or HOUSE that does NOT have a Lobby or Front Desk

We would arrange a time to meet you for delivery and pick-up that fits your schedule. It could help to call us so we can work through the details rather than placing the order online, but either way will work.

This type of Delivery and Pick-up is normally done in the mornings and before 10am. We can deliver as early as 7:30 am.

EXAMPLE = 5 Day Golf Club Rental delivered to you.

Depending on both of our schedules, we can usually meet customers between 8:30am – 9:30am and that would be considered Day 1, we usually pick up the clubs at the same time on Day 6. This allows you to have the clubs for a full five days. This is all for your convenience so we will try to meet your schedule needs the best we can. (Same example for all of our rental packages)

Golf Club Rentals with Golfing Package

We supply you with Golf Clubs and Golf Vouchers. The vouchers are delivered with your golf clubs.

For your convenience we will book your tee times with the golf courses, just give us the day and preferred time and we will take care of your reservations. We work well with all of our golf courses and this is a very safe and very simple process.

We hope this has been helpful, but please don’t hesitate calling, we will gladly help with any questions from 7am to 7pm HST. 808-346-0626